A nonprofit organization providing a variety of services to help needy people in Henderson and the Las Vegas areas.

We live in a society where the elderly have less income to accommodate routine needs; more individuals are laid off from their jobs than ever before, divorce rate is high and natural disaster have created more homeless families than imaginable. Santa’s Helpers meets these concerns, regardless of their challenges, to provide care, treatment, support and guidance that help people have the right to basic necessities in life.

When Santa’s Helpers receives a desperate request for the need of assistance and all of the criteria for selection has been met, and with the help of contributions, donations and volunteers, the distribution of funds and services help improve lives of individuals and businesses.

Santa’s Helpers achievements help people become more emotionally stable, increase their self-confidence and self-esteem, improve their academic performance, enhance their financial conditions or circumstances and better their independent living capabilities.

Santa’s Helpers broad range of services assists people in making informed decisions regarding their future.

Reversing the adverse trends that have become a part of each individual’s life, Santa’s Helpers helps provide people with fulfillment and with a better quality with a new outlook on life.

For a description of our programs, please see “Our Programs” page.

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